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Around the World

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In Switzerland, 40% of the population have a history of migration. Our society is characterised by people from all over the world, from diverse cultures and countries. However, there is often a lack of understanding of this enriching diversity.

Our approach

Around the World shows people new worlds and emphasises unifying elements. At the same time, new and unfamiliar things are thematised in order to promote understanding, openness and mutual respect.

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Make your own Around the World

Would you like to present parts of a culture or a country to an audience and report on customs, traditions, culinary, political or similar topics?

What you can expect

FAIR Pikto Global

Experience the variety of diversity directly in and from your city.

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Discover common elements of different worlds.


Space for constructive encounters between different realities of life.

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It's such a nice idea to learn more about other countries. It was a really varied evening and it was nice to learn about Scotland. Especially the food part.

- Alanah, visitor Around the World Scotland 2022


Further information on the project

How can I organise an Around the World event myself?

Quite simply: Get in touch with us and we will support you with your project. We can provide infrastructure and premises and - depending on the event - also provide financial support.

Where do the events take place?

We always communicate where the next event is taking place via the homepage and our social media channels.

Does the visit cost anything?

If possible, admission should be free of charge, with a collection.

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