Award-winning work

Awards that we have received for our commitment


The FAIR! association has already been honoured several times for its extraordinary commitment. These awards were extremely varied and therefore also reflect our broad-based work.

FAIR Pikto star

Young Caritas Award

For the project Haus pour Bienne we were nominated for the youngCaritas Award 2017 with Stand up for refugees and numerous volunteers. In the end, we achieved a fantastic 5th place out of almost 20 nominated projects. We are delighted with this latest award.


Sanitas Challenge Pres

The project Biel Tanzt wins the Sanitas Challenge in the Bern region and takes 3rd place in the national competition! "The jury honours the fact that many people are encouraged to exercise in a low-threshold way. The project is a door opener to sporting activity and an icebreaker for social contacts and tolerance."

Association_FAIR_Fairtrade_Swiss_Olympic_Ecosport_Award Award

The X-DAYS 2012 event wins the Award 2012 from Swiss Olympic. The FAIR! association was a sustainability partner and actively helped to bring the prize to Biel. With various measures (green electricity, waste separation, awareness-raising, sustainable food offerings and more), sustainable youth culture and sports days were organised in collaboration with the X-DAYS association.



The FAIR! association won for the project BAR. in combination with the association's commitment to fair trade, the Fairtrade Award on the occasion of Max Havelaar's 20th anniversary. Our first award in the association's history!

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