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Many people, especially children and young people, are confronted with a lack of community-building experiences in today's digitalised society. Furthermore, such experiences are often not accessible to everyone.

Our approach

Biel Tanzt offers a framework in which people can experience positive and unique community moments by learning and performing a simple dance performance together.

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Schools, homes for the elderly, collective accommodation for asylum seekers - whatever the setting: Biel Tanzt promises a sense of achievement and a sense of community. Workshops and events are expected to take place again from 2024/2025.

This is how it works

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We visit an institution over the course of a day or several days.


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We rehearse the choreography together.

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The dance is performed in front of an audience at a pre-arranged event (internal or external).

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It was wonderful and fantastic. There are no words to describe it.

- David Maeder, BBZ teacher

Further information on the project

What is the aim of Biel Tanzt?

Biel Tanzt aims to connect people of different ages and backgrounds by dancing together and promoting social values such as solidarity and respect.

How does the project affect the community?

The project creates a platform for unique community experiences and strengthens the sense of community, especially in schools, where classes are brought closer together through participation in the workshops.

What impact does Biel Tanzt have on the participants?

Biel Tanzt increases self-esteem through easy-to-learn dance choreographies, promotes the joy of movement and teaches basic values such as tolerance and openness. It's also a lot of fun!

How can I participate as an institution?

Institutions such as schools, kindergartens, federal asylum centres, homes for the elderly or similar can here contact us to discuss details of the location, time, duration and number of participants.

When are you going into the next round?

This is still open, but we are currently assuming that the next workshops will be held in 2024/2025. You can find updates on this on social media and on this website.

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