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For over 10 years, we have been passionate and committed to social and ecological sustainability. Our focus is on the following areas Community, Flight & Migration and Climate & consumption. We promote equal opportunities and stand up for human rights and sustainability.


We focus on participation and civil society involvement. A Contribute is possible in our projects or at club level. Everyone is welcome to contribute their own ideas or even start their own projects.

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We are a diverse Teamthat is involved in the projects or at a strategic level. Almost 100 people are currently involved. The majority of the team works on a voluntary basis.


We are committed to a respectful and peaceful coexistence of all peoplefor an environmentally friendly approach to our living environment and for a climate-friendly consumption. We act locally, think globally and act in a participatory manner.

Our values


Ecologically, socially and economically.


Towards people and the environment.


Every person is the same.


Communicate openly with each other.


Annual reports

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Further documents

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Mission statement
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Tax exemption
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Further information

What does the FAIR! association do?

The FAIR! association initiates projects in the following areas Community., Climate & consumption and Flight & Migration. It works actively with organisations with similar objectives. When realising projects, the association ensures that resources are used as sparingly as possible.

Why is commitment in these areas important?

The climate crisis continues to progress and injustice is increasing globally. We must stand up to these enormous challenges and work towards greater ecological sustainability, human rights and social justice.

How can I take part?

Everyone is welcome to join us. Here you will find all the necessary information.

How can I become a member?

Quite simply, fill in the Membership form and you're in. Membership costs CHF 80.00 and helps us enormously to maintain and further develop our activities.

Can I deduct donations from my taxes?

The FAIR! association is tax-exempt in the canton of Bern, which entitles it to deduct donations from its taxes.

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