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Story Teller

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Biel is incredibly diverse. But we often only hear, read or experience the stories of privileged people or those with a certain degree of fame.

Our approach

We offer a stage for creative utopias, extraordinary living environments, personal strokes of fate and apparent everyday life. Special consideration is given to speakers with a migration background, BIPoC or FLINTA.

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Join in

Do you have a moving life story, a brilliant idea or just something to tell? We would be happy to discuss a possible appearance with you. 

What you can expect

FAIR Pikto book

Stories of people who are often overlooked in everyday life.

FAIR Pikto Protest

People from all over the world with the most diverse backgrounds.


Space for constructive encounters between different realities of life.

Further information on the project

How can I share my story on Story Teller?

Quite simply: Get in touch. We are proactively looking for people from all over the world in Biel/Bienne and the region who have an interesting story to share.

What types of stories are welcome at Story Teller?

Special consideration will be given to speakers with a migration background and people whose stories are systematically less heard in the public sphere (BIPoC, FLINTA). The audience is invited to question their own stereotypes and to be more open in their dealings with people of all kinds.

Can I also register as an organisation for a collaboration?

Yes, absolutely.

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