Solidarity with undocumented migrants

Participation for all

City Card Biel/Bienne



People without legal residence status face considerable obstacles when it comes to accessing basic services such as childcare, medical care or mobile phone contracts. They often live in precarious conditions on the margins of society.

The approach

The City Card offers an alternative and identification option for everyone at a flexible price of around CHF 20. It promotes access to city services for all residents and thus encourages social participation.

FAIR - City Card Biel Bienne

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Get your CityCard Biel/Bienne now and show your solidarity with undocumented people.

Objectives of the City Card Biel/Bienne

Right to participation
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Secure identification
Preventing discrimination

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Although I have only lived in Biel/Bienne for around 4 years, I have been able to play an active part in Biel/Bienne city life since day one. I can vote, work without restrictions, etc. There are enough people in Biel/Bienne who have lived here longer, who have contributed more to the life of the city and yet they are denied many of these privileges. No one is illegal. And every Biel resident is a human being.

- Nativ, rapper from Biel

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Further information on the project

Why do you need the City Card Biel/Bienne?

The City Card Biel/Bienne is necessary to offer protection and security to at least 80,000 undocumented migrants in Switzerland, many of whom live in Biel/Bienne. Without an official identity card, they are defenceless and have no access to basic services.

What are the benefits of a City Card?

The city ID card, represented by the City Card, is intended to enable all people, regardless of their origin and residence status, to participate in public life.

How exactly does the City Card protect people without papers?

Right to participation: The City Card grants the right to participate in public life without discrimination on the basis of residence status.

Secure identification: The card serves as identification, which facilitates access to services. Undocumented people can use it to access medical care, education or other municipal services, for example, without having to reveal their identity.

Recognition of work performance: The CityCard recognises the important work that undocumented migrants do in areas such as childcare, housework and care. This helps to preserve their dignity and promote their economic and social integration.

Prevent discrimination: As the City Card is used by many people in the city, it becomes more difficult to recognise sans-papier status. This prevents potential discrimination and creates a protective community.

Who implements the City Card Biel/Bienne?

Although the city of Biel is examining the postulate for the City Card, the introduction of the card will initially be carried out by committed institutions and individuals until the city is ready to implement the postulate.
The project was initiated by: Ruth Tennenbaum, Anna Tanner et Marisa Halter (City Councillors), Sleep-In, Citizens' movement Passerelle, Association All people - Tous les êtres humains, Terrain Gurzelen, Cuisine Populaire, The ORT, Counselling centre Sans-Papier Bern and the FAIR!

The network is constantly evolving.

How can I help to publicise the City Card?

By supporting the initiative, buying a CityCard yourself, spreading information and encouraging people to use the City Card. Common acceptance strengthens the protective effect of the card and promotes the integration of undocumented migrants in our community. We are only at the beginning and we need all of you!

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