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FAIR Association! - FAIR direct aid


Refugees lack the most basic necessities at Europe's external borders. No shelter, little food, hardly any prospects. The EU's inadequate support once again emphasises a policy of isolation, which leads to considerable suffering for thousands of people.

Our approach

After years of involvement at Europe's external borders, we are now concentrating our efforts on supporting voluntary partner organisations in Greece.

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Donations from companies wanted

Do you run a company that wants to give away large quantities of food, toiletries or clothing - for example, because products are close to their best-before date? We send these to people in need in Greece or distribute them in Switzerland to people in need.

How we support


We support organisations financially.

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We collect relief supplies and send them to be delivered locally.


Thanks to our many years of experience, we also support you with expertise and contacts.

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The incredible team supported us with the set-up and their network, which was immensely important for us in the early days. The FAIR! association also played a big role in setting up our garden project, where we grow local organic vegetables that we give to refugees.

- Vasilis and Lene, Just Action Samos

Our principles 

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We provide unbureaucratic & flexible support


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Partner organisations work together with refugees

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We help to close gaps that are neglected by the state or by other organisations

Further information on the project

What is the situation for refugees in Greece?

Refugees with recognised protection status in Greece receive hardly any support. The Greek government's policy aims to put people with protection status on the streets without adequate care. This leads to homelessness. As there is also no financial support from the state, people also lack food, hygiene products, etc.

Finding work is almost impossible, as Greece has been struggling with high unemployment for years. Many therefore leave the country and apply for asylum again in another European country - with possible deportation back to Greece (Dublin). People in the asylum process live in segregated, prison-like camps on the Greek islands of Lesbos, Samos, Chios, Leros and Kos. Here, too, basic needs are not met and conditions are inhumane.

Which organisations do you support?

In recent years, we have supported the following organisations in particular:

Glocal Roots

Refugee Biriyani and Bananas

Just Action


Attica Human Support

Medequali Team

Why are you no longer on site?

Cyril (our management) has been living in Greece for years and is still close to the action. He is also in close contact with local organisations that we support as an association.

What help is needed?

The following relief supplies in particular are needed:

  • Food of all kinds (before the best-before date)
  • Hygiene articles (deodorants, tampons, nappies, shampoos, shower gels etc.)
  • Smartphones (functional and with battery)
  • Fabrics for sewing
  • Specific garments (on request and only in larger quantities)

Please get in touchif you can help.

What are the pushbacks all about?
Greece has been carrying out pushbacks for years - probably on a daily basis. People are tied up, beaten up, coerced and sent back to Turkey without the opportunity to apply for asylum. The Greek state has now become so brazen that Greece is forcing refugees to forcibly push other refugees back across the EU's external border. Although pushbacks are illegal, they have been tolerated and subsidised by the EU for years - for the purpose of isolation.


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