Repairing instead of throwing away

Against the throwaway society, for more sustainable consumption

Repair Café

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The production of new items has a greater impact on the environment than the repair of defective items. However, repair is often associated with hurdles.

Our approach

With the Repair Café, we are setting an example for sustainability. We promote the conscious use of resources, offer low-threshold repair options and enable a more sustainable way of life in the Biel region.

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We are looking for repair professionals

We are looking for more repairers who would like to use their skills for a good cause. Do you have experience in repairing broken things?

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Perfect! The error was rectified immediately.

- Visitors to Repair Café Biel/Bienne 2022

What we repair

FAIR Pikto TalkyWalky
Electrical in general
FAIR Pikto dress shirt
Textiles and leather
FAIR Pikto ThermosLarge
Area: Household, Radio & TV
FAIR Pikto Bialetti
Mechanical & Metal

This is how it works

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Come by

Visit the next Repair Café with your broken item, the instructions for use and accessories. Registration is not necessary.

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Bring patience

Enjoy coffee or tea on site until your repair is processed. Bring patience. Waiting times can be long.

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Help with

Your presence during the repair is mandatory. This is how you decide how far we can go. And you learn how you might be able to carry out the next repair yourself.

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To note

Please note that not all repairs are possible and all liability is excluded. Items under warranty will not be repaired.

Further information on the project

Background of the Repair Café Biel/Bienne

The Repair Café Biel/Bienne was founded at the beginning of 2017. The first edition was held in March. Since then, it has usually been held three times a year. Since 2023, there have even been four editions a year. With a few exceptions, they have always been held in Haus pour Bienne is held. After the Repair Café Biel/Bienne was initially set up and organised by private individuals, it has been run by the FAIR! association since summer 2022.

How often does the Repair Café Biel/Bienne take place?

The Repair Café Biel/Bienne takes place about 3-4 times a year. The dates are published on this website and on the official website of the Repair Cafés of the Foundation for Consumer Protection.

Which items can be repaired?

We repair items or clothing from the following categories:

  • Electrical in general
  • Textiles/leather
  • Household appliances
  • Radio, TV & Co.
  • Mechanics
  • Metal objects

We do not repair smartphones/tablets and computers.

Do I have to be present during the repair?

Yes, we remain true to the original idea of 'helping people to help themselves' by making your presence mandatory during the repair. You decide how far we can go. And you learn how you might be able to carry out the next repair yourself.

Where does the Repair Café take place?

The location will be announced on this website. Normally the Repair Café Biel/Bienne takes place in the Haus pour Bienne instead.

Can I have items repaired under warranty?

Items under warranty will not be repaired.

How many items can I have repaired?

Only one item per person is possible at a time.

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