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Regardless of your skills, background and interests, you can join us. Share your time and knowledge with others, learn from your fellow human beings and make an important contribution to the community. Together, we enable social participation for all, contribute to more equal opportunities, promote sustainable consumption, stand up for human rights and support refugees.

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Interested in topics such as refugees, asylum, migration, climate, consumption and society? Become a blogger and write readable and informative articles for our website. Or help us write exciting input for our newsletter. Get in touch!

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Social Media!

Do you enjoy using social media frequently? Help us to write and design interesting, creative and motivating posts. Join us in making the world a little fairer online. Get in touch!

Become FAIR active

Take photos at events or in our projects!

Do you love telling stories through pictures? Become our photographer and capture important moments. Get in touch!

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Support and activate members!

Be part of our team and look after our members with Nora from the Board. Help us organise member events and support us in expanding our membership base. Get in touch!

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Graphic design!

Are you creative? Support us with your design talent. Your visual ideas can reinforce messages and inspire people. Get in touch!

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Improve your web presence!

Do you feel at home in the world of code and websites? Support us online, keep the website up to date, improve our SEO or provide input for improvement. Get in touch!

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Work together strategically!

Drive the organisation forward at a strategic level as part of the Board of Directors and help make our mission a reality. Get in touch!

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Raise funds for our projects!

Help with foundation enquiries or be the contact person for possible company donations. Get in touch!

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Organise events or smaller functions!

Organise fundraising events and collect money for our projects or bake and sell cakes at a market, for example. Get in touch!

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Together we'll find the right one for you!

You have not yet found a suitable commitment here, but are interested in joining us. Together we will look at how you can get involved. Get in touch!

Engagement in Haus pour Bienne


Do you want to volunteer but haven't found a suitable way to get involved yet? We offer flexible commitments - on a regular basis or according to your abilities. Do you want to offer a course but don't have the necessary resources or premises? Are you interested in organising an event, inviting your friends and helping to expand Biel's cultural diversity? Or are you motivated to take on the day-to-day responsibility at Haus pour Bienne? With us, you have the opportunity to realise your ideas! An experienced team is on hand to help and advise you.

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Daily responsibility!

As the person responsible for the day (TV), you are the contact person in the building, show new visitors around the building and explain the philosophy. If you feel like it, you can play ping pong, chat with visitors or take care of personal to-dos. You are free to decide whether you want to be active or take things easy. Are you open, responsible and do you speak German or French? Get in touch!

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Your event at Haus pour Bienne!

Do you want to organise your own event? Whether it's a panel discussion, concert, flea market or swap day: Haus pour Bienne is the right place for you! We offer you free premises, technology and infrastructure as well as advertising via Facebook and flyers. Coffee, tea and syrup are also provided. You organise an event team to help with the implementation and bring guests into the building. Is your event free, non-profit and open to everyone? Get in touch!

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Organising a course or leisure activity

Do you have something to offer that is also interesting for others? Are you motivated to help your fellow human beings learn German? Or do you make such incredible noises with your mouth that they turn into beats and music? Share your knowledge, experience or skills with others! If you can dedicate time on a regular basis - alone or in a team - and can be relied upon to do so, you've come to the right place. Get in touch!

Involvement in another project


You can also get involved in the following projects. Take a look at the opportunities and get in touch if you are interested.

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Raparateur:innen wanted!

We are looking for repairers who would like to use their skills for a good cause. Do you have experience in repairing broken things and are you interested in mending broken items 3-4 times a year at the Repair Café Biel/Bienne as a repairer? Get in touch!

FAIR direct aid 7

Direct aid for people on the run!

Help to organise goods such as food or hygiene products in Switzerland so that they can be given to people in need. For example, people on the run in Greece. Write to companies or start small collection campaigns for smartphones in your neighbourhood. Get in touch!

FAIR - StoryPlate


Get involved for our StoryTeller You can join the 20th series in 2024 and help with event organisation, advertising for the events or directly at an event, e.g. welcoming guests, serving drinks and setting up the event. Interested? Get in touch!

Questions and answers

How can I get involved with the FAIR! association?

We have a variety of ways in which you can get involved in creating a fairer world. Take a look at the various options on this website and get in touch if something appeals to you.

I can't find anything suitable, what now?

Get in touch with us even if you can't find anything suitable. It is difficult to list all possible commitments. We would be happy to discuss with you how you can get involved! Get in touch.

I don't want to commit to anything, but I'm still interested in getting involved. How should I proceed?

Get in touch and together we will see what interests you have and how you can get involved - according to your possibilities and your own judgement. Without any obligation!

Will I be paid for my work?

Your commitment is on a voluntary basis. But if you make a long-term commitment, we will give you a FAIR! Membershipyou get lots of karma points, are part of a team, can realise your own ideas and inputs and make an important contribution to a fair world for all! Go!

Can I list my commitment on my CV, for example?

Of course, you can also mention your voluntary work on your CV. Volunteering is an important cornerstone of your portfolio and is often valued by companies and seen as a valuable part of a CV. If you have volunteered for a longer period of time, we will write you a certificate on request.

How do I personally benefit from getting involved?

Volunteering has a positive impact on the community. It offers you the opportunity to get socially involved, gain new experiences, socialise and grow personally. This will also help you in your future career.

How many people are involved in your organisation?

We have just under 100 volunteers. The majority of them are involved in Haus pour Bienne.

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