Our campaigns are designed to bring about positive change at a structural level. They serve as powerful tools to raise awareness and initiate concrete measures to combat inequalities. We endeavour to achieve this through targeted campaigns and public initiatives, Sustainable changes in society to toast.

Through our campaigns, we mobilise people, connect stakeholders from different sectors and create platforms for dialogue and cooperation. Our aim is to shape social structures in such a way that they enable real equality of opportunity and consistently counter discrimination.

Achieve structural change.

Our campaign work

With targeted campaigns at regional or national level, we work with partners in a structural way for a fairer world within our thematic areas Community, Flight & Migration and Climate & consumption. We strive for sustainable changes that contribute to a fair world for all and protect our climate accordingly.

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Through campaign work, we change social and structural framework conditions. Sustainably and for everyone.

- Anna Tanner, Board member and City Councillor Biel/Bienne


Our work is only possible thanks to the countless support of people like you. Your donation is also a decision in favour of sustainability, human rights and equal opportunities.

Further information on our campaign work

What are you trying to achieve with your campaign work?

Our involvement in campaign work aims to raise awareness of social and environmental issues and to stimulate and achieve structural change. We get involved in (political) campaigns if they fall within our thematic areas and are in line with our statutes. Through this commitment, we want to shape an inclusive and sustainable society in which current and future generations have the opportunity to actively, safely and self-determinedly participate in and contribute to society.

How can I take part in a campaign?

Depending on the campaign, we collect signatures, speak out loudly against injustice or take to the streets. Take a look at the respective campaign to find out how you can get involved. 


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