Fair wages for all

In favour of a minimum wage in the city of Biel/Bienne

A wage to live on.

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Many people in Biel are affected by poverty, including the so-called working poor - people who do not earn enough to cover their living costs despite working full-time. A large proportion of the working poor do not receive social welfare because they fear losing face or being expelled from the country. They work several jobs in a row, do a lot of night and shift work or are on call for work at any time.

Social organisations that are part of the initiative committee are familiar with the problem from their day-to-day work, such as the SAH, Caritas, Cabbak, Multimondo and the FAIR! association Their co-signature emphasises the relevance of the problem, as they are committed to helping people in precarious circumstances in different ways every day.

The introduction of a minimum wage will help to improve this intolerable situation. A fair minimum wage would make it possible for those affected, to become independent of social welfarewhich reduces financial pressure and stigmatisation.

In addition, an appropriate wage would eliminate the need for multiple jobs, allowing those affected to lead healthier and more dignified lives. Ultimately, the minimum wage would not only increase the well-being of individuals, but also contribute to social and economic stability in Biel.


>> Download the initiative form here and go collect signatures in Biel! <<

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